JOC Consulting has been commissioned to deliver a Feasibility Research Report on mobile vending and outdoor markets across the Waverley Local Government Area (LGA). In providing support and value-add, SGS Economics and Planning, has teamed up with JOC Consulting to explore the economic impact on brick and mortar businesses, the added value of nighttime markets and recommended volume of food truck operators appropriate for the LGA.

The project requires extensive research, analysis, and stakeholder engagement to improve and enhance the variety of hospitality and retail options available to residents. It will also consider the key issues, barriers and any (if relevant) projected adverse impacts to nearby and already established businesses.

The research undertaken will assist Council in delivering a streamlined process for the management of mobile vending, outdoor markets and food trucks across the LGA. In addition, it will help create a user-friendly set of rules for operators to follow and to ensure safe, efficient and profitable businesses can thrive in the Waverley LGA. Upon project completion, the findings will help support the implementation of Waverley Council’s Commercial Activity in Public Spaces Strategy.

We look forward to delivering our research over the coming weeks and to better understand what is, isn’t and could be, working better for mobile vending and outdoor markets across Waverley.  

Get in touch if you’d like more information on this project!

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